The purpose of this overview document is to give you a highlight of the core improvements and fixes that were made in the website builder platform. 




With this release, we are going to implement the ability integrate and manage a user’s domains from their CloudFlare account right inside the DashNex Connect dashboard.

Currently, the ability to “connect” a custom domain is inside each platform’s (WB & SB) respective settings while a lot of behind the scenes work needs to happen within your 3rd party domain provider AND CloudFlare to make the connection happen. We have moved the connection function out of each platform and implemented this feature for both platforms within DNC and have made the flow easier by allowing the user to manage their CloudFlare settings in DNC too. 

So in summary, this implementation allows users to:

  • Authorize Cloudflare account to manage any present domain’s DNS records in DNC 

  • Add additional domains

  • Preview and manage domains & DNS records from CloudFlare

  • Assign domains to respective DNC property 

  • Edit and delete domains

Once implemented, users will be able to manage their custom domains through CloudFlare right inside the DNC dashboard.

For users who already have custom domains connected through website builder or store builder, there is nothing that needs to be done from your side. The ability to manage your custom domain will now take place within the DashNex Connect Dashboard > Domains. 

AND A FEW OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, bug fixes, and tweaks to make the Website Builder platform more user friendly and powerful!


If you have any questions about this release or the DashNex PowerTech website builder in general, please click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to send your inquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We are here and happy to help!