Once your EasyOptin - Optin Form has been created, either from either the basic editor or the inline editor (using Dashnex page designer OR a custom HTML template), you are able to select any previously created EO Optin Form and configure/link it to the desired trigger text OR button.

Basic editor:  

Once you have some text written in the basic editor, you are able to highlight any text and make the selection within the toolbar for 'EO' - insert EasyOptin Forms:


Select an EO optin form that you have created:

Save the page and preview. The selected text that you highlighted and then selected an EO form for is now linked on the live page:

Upon clicking on the highlighted text,  you created EO form will appear:

All customer submitted information will be present from that specifc EO optin form's dashboard: 

Users are also able to download all entrant information into a CSV file to export into any autoresponder accounts if necessary or desired.

***(Also, please note that for the Optin Flow, customer submitted details are not also sent to the support email address configured AND no duplicate email address submissions are captured -- this is unique to the Contact Form flow)***

From the page designer:

Select some text that you want hyperlinked to your EO form and select 'EO' from the page designer toolbar:

Select which EO optin form you want the text to be hyperlinked to:

Now the text is hyperlinked and the EO form will appear when visitors click on the linked text from the live page:

If you click somewhere without text and select the 'EO' button from the toolbar, you are able to select "link" or "button" form: 

If you select button, various button options are presented and available to select, or you can create your own custom button: 

In this demonstration, I selected a pre-made button. This example has hyperlinked text to the EO and the 'Sign Up' button that is linked to the EO optin form: 

Upon clicking either option, the EO optin form appears and visitors can enter their information: 

From a custom HTML template using the inline editor:

Users can simply click somewhere near the text/content that they want to add in their EO optin form to find the 'Edit text' action:

Once you can edit the text, you can access the EO action in the toolbar. Highlight some text where you want to insert the EO:

Select the desired EO optin form:

Apply changes and preview the page: 

Also, if you would rather have a button instead of linking text, once you access the 'Edit text' action near some content, you can simply just click the EO action button in the toolbar and the option now appears to either have Link or Button. Select button: 

Once you select button, you then again have the option to choose a standard default button or create your button, in this demonstration I selected the 'Create button' tab: 

We created our button, now we can apply changes: 

Save and preview the page, and you'll see your linked text EO optin as well as the EO optin configured to the 'Subscribe' button: 

Upon clicking either (linked text or button) the configured EO optin form appears for visitors to submit their information:

Again, all submitted entrant information is present in a specific EO's dashboard. Users can download that information by CSV file.

This concludes how to create an EO Optin Form and configure it through the Basic Editor or the Inline Editor (using page designer or custom HTML template).

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues