The purpose of this overview document is to give you a highlight of the core improvements and fixes that were made in the website builder platform. 



We have greatly improved the EasyOptins feature which now allows:

1) the creation of custom Optin Forms
2) configuration of Contact Forms from HTML templates


As an extra bonus feature, no autoresponder integration is necessary and all submitted entrant information will be available right from your Dashnex EasyOptins dashboard (and for CONTACT FORMS -- information submitted is sent to the support email address configured within the website settings > custom domain tab.)

As a Dashnex PowerTech Pro feature, you can activate the EasyOptins license from a website’s command hub. All previously created EasyOptins before this update are still present and available and assigned to a subdomain (website). Within each EasyOptins license, you can create unlimited optins and configure unlimited contact forms. 

If you wish to upgrade to a Pro license, please email support at: [email protected]

***EasyOptins optin forms are in BETA right now. Please note that some features might slightly change very soon, so we suggest to wait for the update before relying heavily on it.***

To activate EasyOptins from your command hub, simply click Activate: 

Now all EasyOptins information and the ability to add forms is available right from your command hub: 

When clicking Add Form, users have the choice to select Optin form or Contact form. 


If a user chooses Optin Form, users can select an optin form template and configure information form fields so that the desired information can be collected:

Customization of the selected template can be made:

Once customization and appropriate data fields are configured, users can save the EO Optin Form and use it with a few different page types:

From the basic editor, there is now a place to add in any previously created EO Optin Forms to a linked word or text:

From the page designer, using the inline editor, we also have the ability to add any previously created EO Optin form:

As well as uploaded templates using the inline editor:

ALL customer submitted information will be present right from your EO dashboard inside a specific optin:

This flow differs a bit from the Contact Form flow in which submitted information is *only* present from the EO dashboard and *not* also sent to the support email address configured within the website settings. Also good to note, that information submitted from EO Optin Forms is not duplicated, meaning if the same email address submits more than one optin form, only 1 will be present. 

2) AND A FEW OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, bug fixes, and tweaks to make the website builder platform more powerful. 

If you have any questions about this release or the website builder in general, please click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to send your inquiry and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible. We are here and happy to help!