In this article we will be going over the creation of EasyOptin - Optin Forms

As an extra bonus feature, no autoresponder integration is necessary and all submitted entrant information will be available right from your Dashnex EasyOptin dashboard. 

As a Dashnex PowerTech Pro feature, you can activate the EasyOptin license from a website’s command hub. All previously created EasyOptins before this feature update are still present and available and assigned to a subdomain (website). 

Within each EasyOptin license, you can create unlimited forms. If you want to upgrade to a Pro license, please email support at: [email protected] 

Checkout this overview on adding an Opt-In Form:

To activate EasyOptins from your command hub, simply click Activate: 

Now all EasyOptin information and the ability to add forms is available right from your command hub: 

START: When clicking Add Form, users have the choice to select Optin form or Contact form, select Optin Form

STEP 1: Provide internal name and description and select a desired template  

STEP 2: Customize and configure desired Optin fields: 

*Users have the ability to create two custom fields to name the title whatever they want 

STEP 3: Customize your Optin Form accordingly. Edit the backdrop color. Edit the form title, font, size, color. Edit the optin form's title. You can also add in content (text or images) before the optin fields. Also, you can edit the form submit button verbiage. 

All previously available settings for EasyOptins are still available plus some additional customizations:


STEP 4: Adjust the confirmation message/thank you page accordingly. You can also select URL if you would rather redirect the user to a 'Thank You' webpage instead. 

When publishing, users still have the option to integrate a designated AutoResponder if they wish, but it is also optional. Make your selections if desired, and publish the optin form. 

No matter which route you go, all submitted entrant information will be available right from the EasyOptin entrant dashboard.)

STEP 5: Once published, the created EO Optin form will be present on your EO dashboard where it is available to edit, clone, or delete:

Now that your EO Optin form has been created, in the next article we'll show you how to use it and configure or embed it in a page of your website. 

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues