Now that you have found and downloaded an HTML template of your preference, we will need to upload that template's source files to the source hosting in your website.

Note, only 1 HTML template can be used per website. So, if you have any previous source files uploaded from a previous template, they must be deleted. 

In order to upload the HTML template properly, you'll need to compress your asset folders to upload to the source hosting and then add your html custom pages. Once source files and html pages are uploaded appropriately, you can then use the inline editor to update text, images, content, logos, link other pages and URLs.

I go through it step by step in the video as well as outline a few important pieces with screenshots below:

Once you are in the website you want to upload your template for, find the subdomain Website Settings: 

Once in the Website Settings, find the Source Hosting tab:

Now, compress your ASSET FOLDERS (images, fonts, videos, css, js, etc.) and upload or drag & drop that zip/compressed folder into your source hosting:

Once source hosting files are uploaded correctly, they will be displayed on the page and you can Save Changes

Next, you want to go back into the Command Hub of your website (Home icon) and find to Add Page to drag & drop your HTML file to create a custom page

Give your page a title

Save and Preview 

Back from the 'edit page', you are able to access the Inline Editor to update the necessary content

Please contact our customer support at or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues