An HTML template consists of files for a pre-created layout and style of a webpage or webpages. So when using a template, the look and feel of your website is already very professionally created. The huge benefit of being able to upload html templates is that you don’t need to pay $1000 of dollars to designers and developers or subscription platforms to have a nice looking website. 

Once you download any template, it is then yours to keep forever, so make sure to save it somewhere you can find it just in case.

Once you upload a template to your website builder, you are then able to update text, content, images, etc by using our inline editor which I will show in the next video. is a great resource to find free and available for purchase html templates. is also a great source of mostly free templates. 

Every template’s files and organization are going to be a little different, but most will contain the same types of files, which are: 

  • HTML pages (ex: index.html, news.html, about.html)
  • asset folders (images, fonts, assets, videos. etc.)

So in this video, let’s go ahead and look for a template to download.

Once you find a template you are happy with go ahead and download it and watch the next video!

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