Users have the option to Add Service as a product type when adding products to their stores. For example, a ‘Service’ can be a physical service, like housekeeping. Or a digital service, like website design. Users' stores can contain both physical and service products. 

With Service products, no shipping address is needed on the customer checkout form. However, if the customer is purchasing both a service product and a physical product, shipping information is requested on the checkout form. 

The goal of the Add Services ability is to allow store owners to expand their product offerings beyond just physical products that require shipping addresses. 

From the Products Dashboard > Add Products, we now have an + Add service option:

If ‘Add Service’ is chosen, a few things are different on the Service Details page in comparison to the Product Details page. The options to select shipping, choose a Google category and select linked products are no longer available. Also, Service products are excluded from Product feeds. 

More importantly, if ‘Add Service’ is selected, there is a new section on the Service Details page that allows store owners to provide additional customer information/instructions in regards to the service that will be displayed on the Thank You page. This is key in communicating to customers exactly what to do next as the Service will take place sometime in the near future. 

Also, we developed a way for users to store and save their Service instructions for later use. It is not required for users to save the instructions for future use, but they can if desired. If saved, the service instructions will be found in the main account level Properties > Service Instruction Profiles. 

Also here, users can create service profile instructions in advance and then simply select them from the Customer Service Instruction dropdown on the Service Details page to streamline the Adding Service process. 

Some additional things to note if Service is the product type purchased, the only order statuses that are available are: New, Processing, Abandoned, Incomplete, Done, and Returned. 

Happy Service selling! 

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues