Users can configure color profiles inside the main account level > Properties section. This mirrors the same functionality found in the product details page when adding color sets; users can provide internal name, select a set of colors, and edit color names. Users can then quickly select a pre-set color profile from their product details page to speed up the adding products process. 

From the Main Account level Properties Dashboard, find COLOR PROFILES:

Create a color profile by selecting + Add Color Profile 

Provide an internal name for the color set and select the colors you want to include in the color profile and select Add:

Once added successfully, it will appear on the Color Profile dashboard where you can edit or delete as needed:

Then, from a particular product's Product Detail page, you can select the Color Profile you have previously created:

Once a color profile is added to a particular product, users can edit the profile (add/remove colors) without affecting the pre-set profile created from the Properties dashboard. Users can also link their product images to their colors for further reference. 

By creating pre-configured color profile sets, you can streamline the adding product process if you have many products that use the same color profiles.


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