The purpose of this overview document is to give you a highlight of the core features that are included in this release along with additional improvements and fixes that were also made.


    From the order details page, users can now automatically (or manually - depending on the payment processor) refund orders or partial orders for customers. In the past, the ‘refund’ action simply changed the order status to ‘returned’. 

    Now, a partial order refund or entire order refund can be processed automatically if a customer uses PayPal Express, Braintree, Paystack, Stripe or Fondy.

If a customer uses a cash method (delivery or pickup) Payfast, or PayPal Standard, the order must be refunded manually by the store owner to successfully provide payment back to the customer.

To refund part of an order or an entire order, go to the customer’s Order Details page.

Find the Manage Refund button:

Select the item(s) you want to refund for the customer:

Confirm or cancel: 

If the refund is automatic, the refund is automatically processed using the same payment method for purchase and shown accordingly back to the order details page:

If the refund is manual (for example PayPal Standard), you’ll receive a pop up that reads:

You’ll login to the particular payment processor account and process the refund for the order or item that the customer wishes to be refunded for manually to successfully send back payment:

Once you have manually processed the refund, come back to the order details page and select the item(s) that were refunded:

Confirm or cancel: 

The item(s) that you have manually processed from the payment processor side and the item(s) that have been selected form store builder side are now displayed appropriately to the refund request:



  1. AND A FEW OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, bug fixes, and tweaks to make the Store Builder platform more powerful. 

If you have any questions about this release or the Store Builder in general, please click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to send your inquiry and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible. We are here and happy to help!