To allow local pickup as an option for customers, users can configure this within the store’s MAIN STORE SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > PAYMENT MERCHANT DROPDOWNS (we have removed ‘cash on delivery’ and add two new options) ‘Payment on Delivery’ & ‘Payment on Pickup’

Once selected, the Payment on Delivery section allows for the store owner to choose one:

  • cash on delivery

  • bank card on delivery

  • cash & bank card on delivery

Once selected, the Payment on Pickup section allows for the store owner to choose one: 

  • cash on pickup

  • bank card on pickup

  • cash & bank card on pickup

Only one choice from each can be selected and the store owner can still only have up to 3 payment merchant accounts. 

Store owners can have both cash on delivery and cash on pickup as options (for example, that would be 2 payment options). There can just be only one selection made from each (1 from pickup, 1 from delivery)

Please note, it is possible to create multiple pick up locations, but stores can only have one pickup location per order. 

So to start, let’s adjust our payment merchant methods within the main store settings:

Now, in order to make this work with your shipping class, users must create or *EDIT* current shipping classes and add local pickup within the FLAT FEE shipping rates’ pre-configured services.

As many users already have their shipping zones setup and configured, we suggest editing your current FLAT FEE shipping zone types OR simply create new zones (with Flat Fee) from scratch. 

Here is an example of how I already have a shipping class configured. Here in this product, I am using ‘Test Class’ 

Now I am going to edit my ‘Test Class’ shipping class so I can include the Local Pickup option


Proceed to edit the zone

Within the flat fee shipping type’s pre-configured services, users can find a new option called ‘Local pickup’ (so now there’s standard, premium, expedited AND local pickup options per shipping zone). Users can now pre-configure all 4 options and have those present for customers if they wish.

If this option is selected, there is:

  • a free entry text field for Pickup Address:

  • a free entry text field for Pickup Phone Number:

  • Estimated Pickup Ready Range:

    • Min days is the number of days from when the order is placed that it will be ready

    • Max days is the number of days from when the order is placed that the store will no longer hold the order (expires)

  • Handling Costs (optional):

Choose ‘Add Another Option’ for the pre-configured services 

Choose Local pickup and Save zone

From the front end, if pickup is configured properly and is selected by the customer, the pickup location address is shown before the user completes their order. As customers go through the steps, they are presented with additional information like the pickup location (address and phone number) as well as the the min/max days of when an order is ready for pickup on the Thank You page.  

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues