Sitemaps allow users to notify search engines whenever a change takes place on the page. You can build your store builder's sitemap.xml for free from an online sitemap generator like

1. Upload your sitemap.xml to your Dashnex Website Builder's source hosting

In this screenshot, the sitemap.xml is uploaded inside a /css folder, but you can upload it to any folder or create a folder

2. Go to your Google Search Console and Add your Instant eCommerce Store and verify it

3. Select URL Prefix and enter your Instant eCommerce store URL and click Continue

4. Inside Verify ownership window, select HTML tag

5.Copy the HTML script by clicking the COPY button

6. Go to your store builder's Main Store Settings menu and click on Custom Scripts.

Please type the exact format as shown in the picture and insert google script between <html> and </html> and click on SAVE CHANGES button.

7.Go back to your Google Search Console and click in VERIFY button.

8. You will also need to add your WEBSITE builder's subdomain name URL or custom domain name to your Google Search Console and verify it since your sitemap.xml is inside your website builder's source hosting. 

9. From your Google Search Console click the dropdown arrow beside your store builder store and select Add Property button

10. Enter your website builder's subdomain complete URL including the folder on where you will upload the HTML verification from google and click CONTINUE. 

Please note: You must save the google verification html inside the same folder where you saved your sitemap.xml file

11.Download the Google Verification HTML

12. Go to your website builder's subdomain name settings by clicking the Gear icon.

Go to Source Hosting tab and upload the google verification html inside the folder you indicated in the URL prefix web address. (refer to step 10.) 

13. Go back to your Google Search Console and click on VERIFY button and your should be verified, click on Go To property

14. Make sure to select your website builder URL from the list.

15. Select SITEMAPS from your menu.

16. Enter the sitemap file name


Your sitemap status should display SUCCESS and you should be all set.

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues