To add PayPal payment buttons to your website, you will want to already have a PayPal account setup and ready to receive payments. Please review and follow the steps below to create and embed a PayPal button of your choice into your website: 

1.Click the Settings icon from the top right corner of your Paypal account

2. Select on Seller Tools.

3. Select Paypal Buttons

4. Select the type of button you want to create (in this tutorial we select the ‘Buy Now’ button)

5. Configure the ‘Buy Now’  button in this area

6. Once you are done setting up your button, click on ‘Create button’

7. Click on the ‘Select Code’ button to copy the Paypal button code

8. Now from your website builder, open the specific webpage of where you want to insert the Paypal button 

In this example, we will change the BUTTON of this block using the HTML code from our Paypal pay button code that we just selected and copied

9. Use the inline editor to edit the button and access the code editor. Click the button and select the Source Code button. This will automatically open the code where the exact code for this button is located.

10. Delete the current Button code

11. Paste the Paypal pay button code and click on APPLY then save it

12. Preview the page to see the newly added Paypal button

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues