Store customers are able to track their shipments from the Order Status page if store owners provide the order’s tracking number in the Order Details page. 

There are two cases for this:

1. Free Aftership plan accounts or NO Aftership account necessary (no API integration required)

2. Paid Aftership plan accounts (API integration required)

2a. If you want to integrate the Aftership API (paid accounts), into your store builder, you'll go to INTEGRATIONS > SHIPPING 

2b. Select the teal + button

2c. select Aftership

2d. Give it an internal name (ex: Chloe's Aftership account) and then go to your Aftership account and locate the Settings icon in the lower left corner

2e. Once in settings, you'll find an API keys section

2f. Once there, generate an API key, copy it, and come back to your store builder, and paste it into the 'API key' field and save 

For both cases, once an order’s status has been changed to shipped or partially shipped, you now can add in the tracking ID number of an order (or product for partially shipped) into a section of the Order Details page. 

Once it is applied to the order, users can send an email notification out to the customer with a tracking button that will redirect the customer to the store's Order Status page.

1. If no API integration with Aftership (this is for free accounts or no account necessary) the Track button from the Order Status page will take the user to the Aftership website where the status of the shipment is displayed in real time.

2. If users have integrated with Aftership and added their API key, the Track button from the Order Status page will display the status of the shipment right there from that page in real time.

In conclusion, both cases allow for customers to be aware of the status of their order if users add in the tracking information of a shipment into the order details page. 

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues