The Blog feature allows DashNex PowerTech Pro members to enable a blog from their website’s subdomain settings (if you think you are a Pro member but do not have license access OR you want to upgrade your account please contact: [email protected] or start chatting with us using the green chat icon in the lower left corner of this page.)  

The blog is an extension of a user’s website, so the subdomain or domain remains the same, however it is a separate framework than the website. So, this means you can of course add your blog URL into your website’s navigation and vice versa if you want them to be connected OR if you simply just want a blog, you do not also have to have a website site or pages set up to do so. For example, the blog URLs are as follows:




There are a few basic pages included: a blog homepage (that displays snippets of all posts), blog post pages, and blog category pages. Users can set and adjust the appearance of their blog from the Design tab within their subdomain settings.

From the Blog tab within the user’s subdomain settings, users can configure categories, authors, navigation and widgets for their blog. Users can create unlimited categories (that posts can be assigned to), unlimited navigation, and a few types of widgets. 

The right sidebar widgets include: text widgets (for simple plain text or HTML), recent post widget (that displays snippets of the last 7 blog posts) and a category widget (that displays all created categories). 

Within the Blog settings, users can enable Disqus comments and connect their free Disqus account if they would like comments to be displayed on their blog from readers which can then be managed from their Disqus account.

Users can then create and publish unlimited posts that must be assigned to categories along with a few other options such as showing the author, date, sidebar widgets, etc. 

Please checkout this overview video for a demonstration of setting up a blog: 

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues