In order to manage and maintain comments efficiently and with less spam opportunities, DashNex chose to use Disqus as a reliable commenting system. All you need to do is sign up for the basic free plan here to enable comments on your blog:

After signing up on Disqus, you will be presented with an option to select “If you want to comment to sites” or “Install Disqus to your site”


  1. Enter your website name and select a category from the dropdown list then click the Create Site button

  1. You can select the package you want to purchase or use the Basic plan for free

  1. Then click on I DON’T SEE MY PLATFORM LISTED button

  1. Click on CONFIGURE button

  1. Enter your website URL then click NEXT button

  1. Select your Comment and moderation settings, in this example we will selected Balanced then click on Complete Setup

  1. Then click on your Profile and select Settings

  1. Click on Settings button and select ADMIN

  1. Click on EDIT SETTINGS

Select your site 

  1. Then you will see your Disqus shortname, copy this and go to your Dashnex pages Blog settings.

  1. Click on Blog settings button

  1. Paste your Disqus short name and click on save to complete the integration.

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues