Now you can define and set a default currency for a store regardless of where you are located or what your business model is. You can sell products in the currency of your choice all the way through checkout. Any components within the store’s settings/configurations that have to do with price (like the store dashboard widgets, shipping class and zones, upsells, etc. will be presented in the currency that you have set for the store.)

Please watch the demonstration and/or review the notes below about defining your primary multi-currency in your store: 

Previously, enabling multi-currency support allowed store visitors to browse through products in their local currency detected by their country. However, when the visitor arrived at the checkout, prices and totals were reverted back to USD. 

NOW store owners have the ability to define and set their primary currency while launching their store for the first time:

OR existing store owners can adjust and set their primary currency within the MAIN STORE SETTINGS > GENERAL tab:

The new feature update allows the price of products and the totals in the checkout to remain consistent and the same throughout the store visitor’s shopping experience.

IF the store owners still choose to enable multi-currency support, the store will detect the visitors currency by their country and present prices in that currency while browsing. This can be found in MAIN STORE SETTINGS > CURRENCY tab. However, when brought to the checkout to pay the order total, the price will revert back to what is primarily set for the store. 

We’d also like to note, store owners can have different stores in different currencies! From the MAIN DASHBOARD, you can filter through the different currencies that you have set for different stores to see your total sales and latest order data widgets for any currency that you have set to a store. 

PLEASE NOTE: You can only set and define your primary currency ONCE. After you have set it, it cannot be changed again. So, please update and set the primary currency with caution as it cannot be changed again later.

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues