Now that you’ve got the other basics setup, you can start adding products to your store. Rather you are selling your own products or dropshipping products, you’ll of course want to have all of your product information and images handy and ready to go before getting started. Review the Product Details page to get an understanding of all the capabilities that are available for your product page. 

There are a few other options that are available besides adding a product manually, like the ability to import products by .CSV file. This is a spreadsheet file where you can enter product information and import it in bulk this way. There’s also a DNPT product called xOmator, an importation tool that works uniquely with AliExpress. 

Please find our Product Overview tutorials and additional Product tutorials here.

Step 1: From your store level dashboard, find the Products tile or Product menu item in the left hand nav bar

Step 2: Now you are on the Products dashboard. There are quite a few features you can access from the row of purple action icons like Switch to Tile View, Product Feeds, Reorder (the ordering of products), Product Page Settings, Categories, Reviews, and finally the ability to Add Products. 

Step 3: Select Add Products. It allows two choices (+ Add Products Manually and Import from .CSV File) -- Select + Add Products Manually 

Now, you are on the Product Details page:

Step 4: On the Product Details page,  you can add and edit the following product detail information: 

Product Name - Required and for internal use only. A short name that helps you identify the product at a glance from the products dashboard.

Product Title* -Required. The product name/title that is shown on the store’s website.

Product URL* - Required. The url address of the product page.

Regular Price* - Required. Displays the price of the product.

Current Price - Optional. If used, will also display the current price of the product.

Product Quantity - Optional. Quantity of the product. 

Short Product Description - Optional. Enter a brief description of the product that will appear on your product page and will also appear in the cart 

Main Product Description - Optional (but highly recommended). Enter more detailed information for the product such as the dimensions of the product, the use of the product, or any other information that would be useful for the customer. You of course can edit and update the default text provided. You can also add videos here if you would like.

Extra Description - Optional. Any extra information or description that would be useful for the customer

Product Images - Optional (but highly recommended). Drag and drop or select product image files to upload. When successfully uploaded, they will be displayed they can be selected as the MAIN product image by clicking on the yellow star in the upper left corner. Images can also be deleted here using the red trash can icon in the upper right corner. 

Custom Text on Images - Optional. Enabling this feature will allow you to select a text type, text content, and a background color to go on the main product image 

Product Variants: Optional (needed as necessary). Allows you to select different product variants like standard, color, size and styles

Standard - Can be used for bundles, sets or special offers. For example, “Buy 2 Get 1 Free!”

Size - You can select from a previous uploaded size profile chart that you have uploaded into the Properties menu item in the left nav AND select size values that pertain to the product 

Color - You can add color variations of the product.  You can also update the color name by clicking on the little pencil icon and you can also link the color to the corresponding image by clicking on the little link icon. 

Styles - Another variation of the product can be set here for different styles depending on the product. For example,  ‘Long’ and ‘Short’

Product Variant Prices & Quantity - Below the product variants you set, there are variants listed of each each product along with the ability to update regular price, current price and quantity of those variations 

Sales Terms Section - Optional. Add and configure customizations to increase sales terms on the product page 

Timer Types - Optional. Allows the selection of a timer type. Personalized and Global timers provide a text field for Call To Action Text. You can also set a duration of time that the timer will count down from. 

Pick The Button* - Required. Allows the option to pick a standard button, upload your own, or create a custom style of your ‘Add to Cart’ button 

Meta Details - Optional. Add additional meta details like keywords to help with SEO. Also, you can add in OG image and text that will appear when sharing a link of a specific product page. 

Product Source - Optional and for internal use only. This section is here to help you identify where a product is from (if you are drop shipping) and the price of that product. 

Product Reference - Optional and for internal use only. Allows you to enter a reference number or code to assist you in organizing your products. 

Social Buttons - Optional. These can be enable to be displayed by clicking on them. To add and link your social media accounts, you go to MAIN STORE SETTINGS > SOCIAL URLS and enter the information there. From the products detail page, you can enable which social media buttons you want displayed on the product page. 

Link Products - Optional. Allows you to select other products that you have added to link it to this specific product. For example, if a store has a matching purse, wallet and belt set, you might want to add the individual products here to be linked.

Related Products - Optional Allows you to select other products you have added that relate to this specific product. For example, if the product you are adding is a yoga mat, you might want to relate a yoga towel as it is a similar, related item. 

*You can change the ‘Related Products’ text inside of APPEARANCE > GENERAL (some common examples of phrases are : “Customers who viewed this also viewed:” “You may also like” etc.  

Google Product Category* - Required to save product as ‘Public’. Allows you to select a Google Category for the product. This helps with SEO.

Product Category* - Required. You can create categories beforehand from the Category dashboard (that can be accessed from the Products dashboard within the action icons) AND/OR you can create categories right here on the fly just by typing some text in the field. You can also select any previously created categories from here. 

Select Class* - Required to save product as ‘Public’. Allows you to select a previously created shipping class and zones. Shipping classes & zones must be created in the Shipping tile/left menu nav from the Main Dashboard (account level configuration). 

Selected Zones - Optional. Allows you to click on the blue highlighted link to add Additional Item Shipping Cost. So, this allows you to set up additional shipping costs for cases where if a customer buys multiple of the same single product or range of products. For example, 3rd item of the SAME product can have $0 shipping OR if a customer buys 5-9 of the same item, we can adjust the shipping price for those items accordingly. 

Product Action Icons to:

Delete the product (trashcan icon), make the product featured (star icon), preview the product page (eye icon), and save (floppy disk) 

Right Sidebar icons to - Bring you to the top of the page (upward arrow icon), option to enable autosave on the page (gear icon).

Directly to checkout - This option will make visitors skip the cart and go directly to the checkout. If you enable this, then you have the option to enable a pop-up going directly to checkout.

Last Updated - Date of last update.

Status - Required. Save your product in Private, Public or Draft mode. Private means that only customers with the link can access the product page, Publish means all customers can access the product page, and draft means that the product page is not published yet. 

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues