Now that you have setup some account level configurations within the Main Dashboard Integrations and Shipping tiles, you are now ready to create your first store! There are many features that can be utilized within the store builder platform and sometimes it's a little tricky to know where to find them all. In this quick start video, we'll show you around the most frequented areas upon store launch, such as the Main Store Settings and the Appearance tiles within your new store's dashboard.

Review the video below to see how to create and launch your store: 

Step 1: By either clicking on the Stores tile or Stores in the left nav menu item in the Main Dashboard, access the Store page

 Step 2: Click on the + Add Store button to launch the New Store Wizard 

Step 3: Fill in the necessary information to create your store such as:

  • General info: store name, store subdomain, store time zone, and the primary currency you want to sell in in your store

    Be sure to choose the store subdomain name and primary currency wisely and enter it correctly, you will not be able to change this later. 

  • Contact info: physical address of the store, the email address you want associated with the order email notifications sent, store representative information, and phone number.

  •  Any integrations you might want to setup here if you have already completed the integrations tutorials. No worries if not, you can always add your integrations in later. (side note: you can add up to 3 payment merchant integrations and all payment types are displayed as options for your store customers)

Step 4: Click the Launch Store button to complete the creation of your store. Once your store has been created, you can click on the blue linked title of it that is now present on the My Stores page to access the specific's store dashboard.

Now, you can prepare to add products to your store! 

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues