Shipping is a large topic that will vary greatly depending on what and from where you are selling. You may be selling your own products and inventory right out or your house or business, or you may be dropshipping products where shipping is delegated by the supplier. With either option, there definitely needs to be a bit of research beforehand to know exactly what kind of prices and delivery times you are working with, and of course the destination for which the product is being shipped matters.

We always recommend to test out a few products first if you are dropshipping to determine the best price and delivery ranges to provide in your shipping zones. Similarly, if you are shipping your own inventory out, you may want to work with your local shipping provider(s) to determine the best prices and delivery times that work out best. 

In this quick start video we demonstrate how to set up a flat fee shipping rate which is a great option to implement as well as a great option for your customers. 

Review the video below to see how to setup a flat fee shipping rate:

Step 1: By either clicking on the Shipping tile or the Shipping in the left nav menu item in the Main Dashboard, access the Shipping page. From here, click the Add Shipping Class button. 

Step 2: Click on the + Add Shipping Class button, and in the name field enter a name that will help you remember the type of shipping class you are creating, such as Flat fee Worldwide (as seen in the example). Next, click Save & Start Adding Shipping Zones button to continue. 

Step 3: Then you will click on + Add Zone to open the the New Zone Wizard, enter a name in the Zone Name that will help you remember the shipping rate you are setting up, like Worldwide $7. Click Next to continue.

 Step 4: Under the Area dropdown, you are able to select which countries you want to include in the shipping option. You can select All Countries or select one specific country

TIP: Under “Select State” you can select “All States” if you would like for the option to apply to all states in the selected country. 

If you would like to omit certain states from this shipping class you can select the states individually under “Select States” or under “Selected Zone Areas” click the “X” to remove the state or states that you would like to omit from the zone area. Click “Next” to proceed. 

Step 5: Once the appropriate countries and/or states are selected accordingly, click on the Next button. Here you can select the Shipping Cost Type (in the demonstration video we selected Flat Fee) 

Step 6: Then you can provide the necessary information for your pre-configured services (Standard, Expedited, Premium OR Local Pickup) like estimated delivery/pickup range and also shipping/handling costs.

Step 7: You can now create multiple options under the same shipping class by clicking the “Clone zone” icon to the right of the screen under “Actions”. Once you have cloned the zone you can click “Edit Zone” under “Actions” to make any changes you would like to make.

TIP: You may want to create a different rate for different countries and states. Just follow the same steps and setup flat rate shipping for other countries as states as necessary. 

To see tutorials on the additional shipping options, please go here.

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues