I have xOmator Chrome Extension installed and have authorized it. When I'm in Chrome, I am clicking the extension to add the product to my store, but I'm not being led to import the product. It keeps asking me to authorize and allow the extension. Then, leads me to the dashboard. What am I doing wrong?

Kindly follow these troubleshooting steps:

1. Remove xomator from your browser and if you have other Chrome extensions that you are not using remove them as well.
2. Delete browser cookies and clear cache and then close and reload your browser.
3. Install xOmator again and then authorize.
4. Test xomator to see if it will work.

If the problem persists, follow try and follow the steps below:

5. Go to Aliexpress, search for any product and open the product page.
6. Click the xOmator icon on the upper right of your browser
7. See screenshot below, right click on xOmator pop-out box and select 'Inspect'.

8. See screenshot below. Click on the part '>>' to show more options and choose 'Application'

9. You will now have screen similar to this screenshot below. Click the small triangle beside Local Storage and click on chrome extension://

10. Then you get screen similar to the screenshot below. Click on the circle with slash to clear/remove all keys.

11. Close your browser and reload.

12. Authorize xOmator again and test if it works.

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues