In the demonstration below, we'll be giving you insight on how and why to use the URL mapping feature within the store builder.

There are a couple reasons why a store owner would want to use URL mapping. The first, is to prevent people from receiving error pages when clicking on old or expired product links and redirecting that traffic by sending them to the new product page that does exist 

The second reason why a store owner might want to use this, is if they were moving stores from a different platform and they wanted to ensure that they didn’t lose any traffic of customers who might be visiting the any old product pages, with this feature they could map them to the new product pages on their new website.

In order to access the URL mapping feature, you need to go into your store’s dashboard, and find main store settings. Within here, you’ll find URL mapping in the menu items. 

Check out the demonstration below to get a better idea of using the URL mapping feature:

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