Users can configure various upsells in the Upsell Lab of the Marketing Hub. There are two post purchase upsell options; DoubleIt Upsell and OneClick Upsell.

DoubleIT Upsell: Allows the user to configure a discount to be applied to the order depending on various different rules that can be established in regards to the value $ and number # of items in the cart. 

OneClick Upsell: Allows the user to select a product that they want to trigger the upsell for, and then offer an additional product to use as an upsell with a discount of the store owners’s discretion. Within OneClick, the user also has the ability to ‘Enable DoubleIt Downsell’ which allows the user to select an ADDITIONAL previously created upsell that will be presented to the customer after rejecting the initial presented upsell. 

Check out the video below to get a greater understanding of the two upsell options:

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