How easy is it to set up a website?

Many users take advantage of the fact that you can upload virtually an HTML based template into the source code of your website. You can then edit and update content and information by using our inlined editor.

ALSO, setting up a website with our new visual editor is a breeze. You can drag and drop design blocks to create a beautiful website page that can then be edited and updated accordingly. 

Can I transfer my WordPress site to the website builder?

You will need to convert your WP website files into HTML, these days it's not hard or expensive to do. So the answer is YES, as long as the files are HTML based, it won't be an issue to transfer them to our website builder. 

Can I use my own domain? 

We offer hosting and provide a sub-domain for your website. If you want to use a custom domain from a domain provider service, you can use that instead and connect it to the platform.

Once you have purchased your custom domain, check out this tutorial to help you get a better understanding of how to connect it to the website builder platform. 

Why do we need CloudFlare to set up our custom domains? 

You do not need CloudFlare, we just recommend it. CloudFlare provides 2 huge benefits: 

1) SSL, which is essential for eCom store; 

2) MX records, which you will need for custom domains.


If your domain hosting can provide SSL just as CloudFlare does and it allows to add MX records, you can point it via CNAME record just fine. 

Can I embed audio and/or video on my website?

You can embed video from any streaming service like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia by grabbing the embed code of that audio or video and adding it into your page’s source code. 

Is there a blog template?

While we do not currently have a blog template, there are lots of free html templates available online that you can use with our website builder platform. All you have to do is search 'free blog html template' and you will be presented with tons of choices.

Does it come with an automatic email responder?

The website builder does not come with a built-in autoresponder. However, we currently integrate with the following autoresponders: GetResponse, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and Aweber.

Where do I get HTML templates?

There are tons of free and available for purchase HTML templates online that you can find and use. Here are a few suggested sites to check out: 

Free & Paid Templates:

HTML website’s that can be downloaded:

How do I upload an HTML template? 

Once you find the perfect template for your website, you then need to download the files and do a few things like compressing the assets before uploading into your source code. We have a great step by step tutorial on how to do this here

Can I use PHP template files?

Unfortunately, no. PHP template files are not currently supported. 

Can my visitors book appointments on my website?

While we do not provide an out of the box appointment feature, you can definitely add it to your website. You would just need to use a third party app for appointment booking such as Calendly.

How many pages can my website have?

There is no limit to how many pages you can have per website. 1 license = 1 website and 1 website = 1 sub-domain (you can of course choose to add your own custom domain as well). So, in summary, you can have unlimited pages on a single website. 

Would this be good for setting up a monthly subscription based membership site?

No, our system is not designed for membership sites. For that, we would suggest something like WordPress with Wishlist or Kajabi.

Are there any samples you can show for the website builder? 

Again, when it comes to the website part of the platform, you can build pretty much any kind of HTML based website using templates that are available online. Check our demo page!