How easy is it to set up an e-commerce store? 

It’s very easy to set up an ecommerce store. The process is simple and doesn’t require much customization or additional coding. The store builder is set up this way to allow you to have a running online store in just a few minutes. 

Can I transfer my Shopify store to DashNex PowerTech Store Builder?

There is currently no way to transfer your Shopify store to an our store builder automatically. But, you can manually move products to our platform and you can map the Shopify product pages URL's to make sure you don't lose any traffic or SEO efforts due to the transfer.

Can I use my own domain? 
We offer hosting and provide a sub-domain for your store. If you want to use a custom domain from a domain provider service, you can use that instead and connect it to the platform. 

Once you have purchased your custom domain, check out this tutorial to help you get a better understanding of how to connect it to the store builder platform. 

Why do we need CloudFlare to set up our custom domains? 

You do not need CloudFlare, we just recommend it. CloudFlare provides 2 huge benefits: 

1) SSL, which is essential for eCom store; 

2) MX records, which you will need for custom domains.


If your domain hosting can provide SSL just as CloudFlare does and it allows to add MX records, you can point it via CNAME record just fine. 

I receive an error when going to my checkout page, "This page isn't working" caused by too many redirects. What should I do? 
Try checking your SSL settings within your CloudFlare account. Make sure your SSL settings are on FULL [and not FLEXIBLE] and this should solve the issue. 

Can I use a template on my store?

Our website builder platform works with templates, but for the store builder platform we don't have the ability to use templates. Instead, we have a proven to work layout with some basic customization options (logo, colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc.) and that's about it. 

How can I set my store to my local currency?

The store can be set to any currency you wish while customers browse through and shop for products. This can be found in the ‘Main Store Settings’ section of your store.

However, once the customer is taken to the checkout, the price is then converted into $US dollars. Keeping local currency all the way through checkout is a feature we are hard at work to develop and update. 

What kind of payment integrations are offered on the platform?

We currently integrate with Stripe, PayPal, PayPal Express, and Braintree. A Cash on Delivery option will be available very soon. 

How is shipping set up?

Currently, you need to export the orders at the end of the day and manually process them. There is no limit to the way you can fulfill orders and it really depends on your business model and what you are selling. 

If you are selling products you make at home, you’ll probably frequent your local post office or shipping store. If you are selling products online, you probably will never go to your local post office.

Of course you can also use a 3rd party system like ShipStation, or any other shipping system, where they do the most of the work for you.

We don't have a direct shipping system integration yet, but it's a need that we know is very important and we are working to implement a system that best fits the needs of our customers.

Is this good for dropshipping?

Yes, it's perfect for dropshipping. There are over 10,000 dropshippers using our platform today. 

Can I sell digital products in the store builder?

Digital products cannot be sold on the store builder, but can be sold through the website builder. The reason why we don't support digital products on store builder is because we currently can’t bypass the shipping information to auto deliver the digital products.

Do you have integration with Printiful or Scalable set up yet? 

We have started integration with ScalablePress and Printful, but they are not finished 100%yet due to their API issues. We're continuing to optimize it for the needs of our customers.

Are there any samples you can show for the store builder? 

Sure, please check out: on both web and mobile to get a better understanding of the store builder’s capabilities.