What is DashNex PowerTech?

Inside DashNex PowerTech are two platforms: 

1) Website Builder (formerly known as DashNex Pages)  that allows you to upload any kind of HTML template (that you can then edit using our inline editor) OR use our visual editor to drag and drop design blocks

2) Store Builder (formerly known as Instant eCommerce Store) that allows you to launch a fully featured eCommerce store that is great for selling your own products or for dropshipping products. 

With Dashnex Powertech, you get a license for the website builder and separate license for the store builder. With the website builder, you can add unlimited pages to your website; and with the store builder, you can add unlimited products to your store.

How do I login and/or get started?

After purchasing, the first order of business will be locating your confirmation email from [email protected] in order to login to the platform. Once logged in, you’ll be on the dashboard where you can see a list of all your products. Click on the Get Started button to enter a particular product. 

Is DashNex PowerTech secure? Where are the websites and ecommerce stores hosted?

It's built on Amazon Cloud infrastructure, so there should be no concern about security or scalability.

Do I use the Store Builder and Website Builder together? Or separately? 

It really all depends on your business model and strategy. Some users only use the website builder, some users only use the store builder, while others utilize both platforms. You can create landing pages for your business or service with the website builder and lead customers to your store. 

How do I get traffic to my website or store?

On DashNex PowerTech, the sky's the limit! You have unlimited traffic capabilities. However, we are unable to create that traffic for you. You will definitely want to market your websites and stores. We suggest that you start with Facebook as social media allows you to get your products to a large audience.

Is there anything built in for SEO?

While anything outside of Wordpress is not really designed for SEO, and since Google gives preference to WP powered sites, we have built the basic meta tag setup on both the website builder and the storebuilder so that you can optimize both for SEO and social media purposes.

Can I change the website or store to another language?

Our platform is an English based software. At the moment, we do not have multiple languages integrated. However, you could definitely add the Google Translate Widget to your site or store.

How do I contact support?

You are able to contact support directly by activating the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen or you can simply email:  [email protected]. We also have a very quick response rate through Facebook chat from our Dashnex business page account. 

Do you have a phone number?

We do not have a telephone number, but we are constantly online to help customers quickly and efficiently day and night.