In this article and tutorial, we'll describe what a product feed is and how you can set it up on your Facebook business page account to ensure your dynamic ads information is correct for potential customers.

Please note, if you do not see the Products Feeds action icon from your Products Dashboard, please go to the Marketing Hub and activate that first. Come back and the Product Feeds action icon should now be available on the Products Dashboard as displayed in the screenshot below. 

A Facebook Catalog is part of the Facebook ads system and it allows you to link a product feed from your eCom store/website into Facebook. Why is this an important or valuable tool? Imagine this situation: you have a product you want to sell. You have 20 of that product in stock. You decide you want to run some ads to sell that product, so you make an ad saying you only have a limited number in stock and need to sell them quick.

25 people are interested in your product from of the ad and they go to purchase. 20 of them buy the product. Now you have 5 people who were interested in your product but can’t buy it.

In this scenario, Facebook doesn’t have information about your products beyond what you plugged into the ad, so they don’t know you only have 20 of it in stock. If they knew, they could have stopped running the ad when you ran out of product.

By giving Facebook a direct feed of product information, you enable a few things; you allow Facebook to pull crucial information like product quantity and price, to make sure ads are accurate. And, you allow Facebook to dynamically alter ads based on product availability information. Plus, you are granted access to certain types of Facebook ecosystem ads that you wouldn’t be able to use otherwise, like Instagram shopping tags or a Facebook shop. 

Check out the video below to understand how to set this up with your Facebook business page account. 

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