We've recently updated this video to help simplify and explain the steps a little easier, please watch in greater detail in the video below!

First of all, setting up a custom domain is not a mandatory step. You can fully run your DashNex Pages website on the subdomain that we provide.

Secondly, it's very important that you follow this tutorial to the letter, because most issues with custom domain setup are caused by not following the steps outlined below.

IMPORTANT: Changes that you will make to your domain may take up to 24 hours to become active. This is due to DNS propagation. 

OK, ready to integrate? Good.

Step 1: Purchase Domain(from a third-party site like Go Daddy or anywhere you prefer) 

Step 2: Sign up or log in to Cloudflare and add your site

Step 3: Once you add your site to CloudFlare, delete all current records (exception could be your MX records for a custom email)

Step 4: In your third-party domain registrar for your domain, add the CloudFlare provided Nameserver records to connect your domain with CloudFlare 

Step 5: Back in CloudFlare, point your domain to DashNex Pages

  1. Select 'CNAME' from the dropdown menu on the left

  2. Type @ in the name field.

  3. Type dashnexpages.net in the 'Domain name' field

  4. Click the 'Add Record' button on the right.

Next, add the 2nd CNAME record that points 'www' to dashnexpages.net. 

  1. Select 'CNAME' from the dropdown menu on the left

  2. Type www in the name field.

  3. Type dashnexpages.net in the 'Domain name' field

  4. Click 'Add Record' button on the right

Step 6: Change Settings for Cloudflare 

On your domain dashboard inside of the CloudFlare, click on the 'Crypto' icon: Set the SSL to FULL and click save changes.

Step 7: Go to DashNexpages and under subdomain settings, go to the custom domain tab and add your custom domain you just set up on Cloudflare and click validate

Step 7: Select homepage and 404 page and click save!

(*If you have no option listed in the HOMEPAGE this means you don't have any webpages yet,  all the webpages you created will be listed in the homepage dropdown list so you can select which page you want to be the main page of your website.)

Common trouble shooting issue: If  DNS or SSL do not turn green, please go back and make sure that the SSL under the crypto tab on Cloudflare is set to FULL in your settings, and then go back and validate again. Even if you set it to full, it may revert back to flexible upon saving. This is a common CloudFlare issue. 

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] or by simply clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if you have any questions or issues