Now that you’ve added products to your store, you want to be able to incentivize customers to purchase products and leave reviews. 

This guide is all about the most important part of the ‘Product Reviews’ dashboard, which is the ability to set up a discount that creates a unique promotion code for the customer to use at their next check out in your store if they leave a review with a photo of a previously purchased product.

Reviews are submitted by customers or can be imported manually by .csv file from a previously used review service.

  1. From the products dashboard, find the ‘Reviews’ button

  1. You are now on the ‘Reviews Dashboard’ where you can manage your reviews. Reviews previously submitted by customers are present along with any .csv file reviews that have been imported. You can sort the reviews by number, type, rating and date. All reviews have the status ‘Pending’ by default and require to be approved to be displayed on your store. You can preview and delete the review here as well.

    If importing reviews, you are taken to the ‘Import Review Wizard’ where you can upload a file and match file column data to application fields in the system (i.e name, rating, date, image url, email, etc.) 

3. The most important feature here is the ‘Review Settings’ button which allows you to set up a discount for customers who leave reviews with a photo of your product. This not only incentivizes the customer to make another purchase, but to also leave a review on your store with a photo. We recommend a discount rate of anywhere from 15 to 30%. You can adjust or reset this at any time. The unique promo code is given to the customer after they submit their review so they can use the discount on their next order. 

4. Once you approve the reviews you want to display, you can preview the product in your store that now has reviews present. 

5. When a customer submits a review from this page by clicking on the ‘Write a review’ button, they are prompted to rate the product, select or drag & drop an image, share their experience, provide personal details, and upon submitting they are presented with a discount coupon that provides a unique promo code that can be used on their next order.