In order to provide the ability for users to collect and display product reviews, we have released a ‘product reviews’ dashboard where users have multiple options for management. Reviews can be imported manually by .csv file or they are submitted by customers. 

Comma Separated Value files are broadly used by many spreadsheet, database and data storage uses. All new reviews are given the ‘pending’ status and require the user to approve them before they are displayed on the page.

Please note, if nothing appears upon clicking and entering into the ‘product reviews’ dashboard, please try clearing browsing data & history and cached images and files from web browser.

  1. From the products dashboard, find the ‘Reviews’ button

  1. From the products reviews dashboard, find the ‘Import reviews’ button 

  1. Once selected, the ‘Import Reviews Wizard’ appears where the user can upload or drag & drop a .csv file that has been exported from a previously used review service or from a .csv file that the user created. If importing reviews manually by hand into a spreadsheet, some File Column suggestions are:

product_handle / name

review rating / rating

author / first name & last name / reviewer 


body / feedback / review content 

created_at / date 

photo_url / image 


  1. Upon uploading the .csv file, the user is able to match file column data to application fields in the system

  1. Proceed to match the file column data to the application fields that you want to be imported

  1. Once you select ‘Next’ you are able to search and select the product for which the review is for 

  1. Once the specific product is selected, hit the ‘Done’ button 

  1. Now, back on your product reviews dashboard you will see all the reviews imported with their default status as ‘Pending’. The user can sort the review information and see additional action buttons on the page.

  1. From the product reviews dashboard, find the ‘Review Settings’ button 

  1. The ‘Review Settings’ allows the user to set a discount percentage along with a message for customers that leave reviews WITH photos/images of the product. You can adjust or reset this at any time. (We suggest a discount percentage of 15-30% -- the unique promo code will automatically be applied to the customer’s next order in their cart) 

  1. From the products review dashboard, the user can preview, delete and approve the review to be displayed on their store