It's super easy to integrate your GetResponse account with IES and to help you get it done quickly we have recorded a tutorial video for you (alternatively you can also check the step-by-step instructions under the video).

Here are the manual steps you need to take:

STEP #1 - To get started, go to the menu bar on the left side of the page and click the "Integrations" button to open the  "My Integrations" page. Click the “Add Integration” button and use the drop-down arrow to select “Getresponse”  in the "Type" field. 

STEP #2 - In the "Add Getresponse Integration" window add a memorable name for the account you will be using. 

To locate the "API Key" you will need to login to your Getresponse account. 

STEP #3 - Once you are logged into your account go to the top right corner click the drop down arrow and select "Account Details" 

On the Account Details screen select the “API and OAuth” tab.  At the top right of this window select “Generate the API Key”. 

A separate window will pop up asking for the purpose of the API Key. Here you can enter IES Integration (or something similar), and select Save. 

STEP #4 - You will now return to the My GetResponse API Key section. Click the button next to your “API Key” that says 'Copy'.

Now paste it in the “Add GetResponse Integration” window in IES.  Click the “Save” button, and you're all set! Your GetResponse account is now integrated with IES. You can now begin generating leads as well as capturing contact information from your customers. 

Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of the page, we're always happy to help :)