This integration is probably the most complex of all, but it's well worth it. To help you with the steps here, we recorded a step by step tutorial for you:

As you do the integration by following the video above, we just want to let you know that each Google Analytics account can have up to 50 properties. Each property is basically a store.

So a single Google Account integration will allow you to easily get data on your IES dashboard for up to 50 stores and that's why this integration is well worth it.

Now, let's begin!!

STEP #1 -  Start in IES by selecting the “Integrations” tab in the main menu bar on the left side of your screen to open the "My Integrations" page. Click the “Add Integration” button and use the drop down arrow to select “Google Analytics” in the Type field. and the “Add Google Analytics” window will populate. 

STEP #2-  In the "Add Google Analytics" window enter a name that will help you to identify the account that you are working with. 

To find the information needed for the “Google Client ID” field go here to the "Google APIs" dashboard. In the top left corner click “Project”, and then  “Create a project”. 

STEP #3-  After selecting “Create a project” the “New Project” window will be populated. In the “Project Name” field provide a name to identify the project for your IES store. You can also choose “No” for the option that allows Google to send announcements and special offers via email if you prefer. Select “Yes” to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and select the "Create" button. 

STEP #4- On the “Google APIs”  page go to  “Other popular APIs” and select “Analytics API”. 

At the top of the page select “Enable”. 

STEP #5- Once the "Enabling" process is complete, to the right of your screen select “Create Credentials” This will open the  “Add Credentials to your project” page. In this section there are four parts to complete. 

  1. The first part will ask “Which API are you using?” here you will select “Analytics API”. Under “Where will you be calling the API from?” you will need to select “Web browser (Javascript)”, and under “What data will you be selecting?” you will need to select “User data” To continue to part two select "What Credentials do I need?". 
  2. In part two, you do not need to change the information under “Name”. In the “Restrictions” section you will not need to change the information under “Authorized Javascript Origins”, but you will need to enter the Callback URL under “Authorized redirect URLs”. The callback URL that should be entered is 
  3.  Click the “Create Client ID” button to proceed. 
  4. In part three the user's email address will automatically be populated under “Email address”. Under “Product name shown to users” you can enter a name that identifies the purpose of the integration, such as IES Integration, and click the “Continue” button to proceed. 
  5. In part four under “Download Credentials” you will find the “Client ID”, which you will need to copy and paste into the “Google Client ID” field in IES. Click “Done” on the Google API Manager page to proceed.