It's exciting that you are ready to launch your first store with Instant eCom Store platform. To make it even easier for you, we have recorded a quick tutorial video:

You can also follow our step by step guide below, just in case that's easier for you.

STEP #1 -  Start by logging into your IES account, and in the left menu bar click the “Stores” icon which will open the "My Stores" page. On the “My Stores” page click the “Add Stores” button on the right side of the screen, and the “New Store Wizard” will populate.  (see screenshot below)

STEP #2 - Within the wizard you will need to complete four tabs to create your store. The first being the "General" tab. In the “General” tab, enter your “Store Name”. The next step in the General tab is the “Store Subdomain name”.  (see screenshot below)

Be sure to choose the store subdomain name wisely and enter it correctly, you will not be able to change this later. 

STEP #3- In the “Upload Logo” field you can input your store logo by dragging and dropping the file into the box provided. 

You can also choose to upload your logo by clicking the”Upload from URL” or “Choose File” buttons, which can be found  to the right of the drag and drop box.. Click the “Next” button to proceed to the “Contact” tab. (see screenshot below)

Note: this step is optional and you do have the ability to add the logo later if you choose. 

The last field in the General tab is the time zone. The default setting is UTC, or the Coordinated Universal Time. If you prefer to change the timezone just click the drop down arrow to select the time zone you prefer.

STEP #4 -  The next tab is the“Contact” tab. Here you will enter the address for your store In the “Physical Address” field. For the “Email for Notifications” field enter the email address where customers can reach you or your support team.

In the “Store Representative” field enter the name or contact name you would like to appear at the end of any correspondence customers receive from your store. I.e. John Doe @ {Your Store Name}, or The {Your Store Name} Team. In the “Phone Number” field enter the best contact number for your store, and click the “Next” button to continue to the “Store Pages” tab. 

STEP #5 - The third tab is the “Store Pages” tab. Here you will find information pre populated for the “About”, “Terms of Service”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Refunds” pages. On the “About” page you will need to enter your store name, representative name, and the team name.  You can choose to customize any of the store pages if you'd like. Click the “Next” button to continue to the “Integrations” tab. 

STEP #6- The last tab is the “Integrations” tab  in the “Autoresponders” tab use the drop down arrow to select the autoresponder account you would like to use.  Under the field that reads “Add customers to a prospect list during the checkout” select the list you've created for your customers.

Note: if you have not created your prospects list you can enter this information at a later time. 

STEP #7 - In the “Payment Merchant Account” field select the payment option you would like to use for your store. You can also select “Add second payment method” if you would like to use more than one account.

 If you choose to add a second payment option, both would be displayed on your checkout page for your store. Click the “Save Store” button to complete the creation of your store. 

Your new store is now created and almost ready for products. But first, please check out our shipping guide below.

Quick Start: Shipping

*Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of the page, we're always happy to help :)