STEP  #1- Start in IES by selecting the “Integrations” tab in the main menu bar on the left side of the screen to open the “My Integrations” page. Click the “Add Integration” button and use the drop down arrow to select “Sendlane”  in the Type field. 

STEP #2-  Now you'll want to provide a memorable name for the account you are using. To get the “Api Key” and “Hash Key” you will need to login to your Sendlane account.

STEP #3- Once you have logged in to your account click the drop down arrow next to your username in the top right corner. From the drop down menu select “Account Settings”.

STEP #4- On the Account Settings page scroll down to “Your Security Credentials”. Here you will need to add under “Allowed Domains”. Now copy the code next to “API Key” and paste it into the API Key field in IES. Copy the code next to “Hash Key” and paste it in the Hash Key field in IES. 

STEP #5-  In the “Subdomain” field in IES enter your Sendlane subdomain and click “Save” to complete integration.
Ex. - in this url yoursubdomain should be used.

You are now ready to use your Sendlane account to build your email lists and send targeted correspondence to your customers and potential customers.

*Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen. We're always happy to help:)