What's FLAT FEE (or Flat Rate) shipping?

It allows you to define shipping costs per individual item. This means that regardless of the number of items your customer purchase, the shipping cost will be calculated per item.

Let me give you an example: say you sell a product with flat fee shipping rate $2. Your customer decides to buy 5 items of that product. The total shipping costs he will be paying you is 5 items x $2 per item = $10 total shipping costs.

THINGS TO KNOW: You can setup UNLIMITED flat fee shipping options and since this is an account level configuration, you will be able to use it for any of the products on any of your Instant eCom Stores. 

OK, here is the video that shows you how to configure it on IES:

Here are the steps from the video above:

-  From the main dashboard click on the 'Shipping' tab on the left of your screen. It will open the 'My Shipping Classes' page. 

From here click the 'Add Shipping Class' button (see the screenshot below) to open the shipping class setup wizard.

Next, enter a memorable name in the 'Name' field, so you can later recognize what this shipping class is all about. 

For example: you can name it 'Flat rate', so you know it's all about flat rate shipping. 

Once you are happy with the name, click the 'Save and start adding shipping zones' button to open the 'Shipping Zone Configuration' page. 

STEP #2 - Click the 'Add Zone' button (see the screenshot below) to open the 'New Zone Wizard'.

STEP #3 - Provide the 'Zone name' in the 'New Zone Wizard' (See screenshot below), so you can remember what this particular shipping zone is all about. 

For example: US $2.95 - this would tell me that it's for United States and that's $2.95 shipping rate. Please note that this zone name won't be visible for your store visitors - it's just for you.

Once you are happy with the zone name, just click 'Next' button to move to the next step.

STEP #4 - Next step is to choose countries & states for a particular zone. Just use the drop-down menu to select the countries you want. 

TIP: For some countries, for example - United States, there are also states that needs to be specified. 

Also, remember that you can setup UNLIMITED different zones, which means that you can specify different shipping costs for each country. 

Our recommendation for you is to focus on 1-5 primary countries that you serve and, in case you do Worldwide shipping, apply a single rate for remaining countries.

Click 'Next' once happy to move to the final step.

STEP #5 -  From the dropdown menu select 'Flat Fee' and below that enter a desired rate. 

Next, click 'Save Zone' button and you're all set!  

You can now use this shipping zone for any product on any of your IES stores.

TIP: Now that you have created the first zone under this shipping class, you can add additional zones for other countries. Just use the CLONE option for zones and make changes as you need them.

Take a look at the following guide for steps on cloning zones. 

Cloning Zones

IMPORTANT: You will find an option to configure different costs if customer is buying more than one item under 'edit product' screen. For steps on how to configure these options, check out the 'Additional Item Shipping' article.  

Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of this page. We're always around to help :)