Flat Rate shipping is a great option to implement for your first store. It is easy to set up and provides an excellent option for your customers. 

Please watch this short video to learn the steps:

Here are the steps from the video above:

STEP #1- Start in IES by clicking the “Shipping” tab in the main menu bar on the left of your screen, which will open the “My Shipping Classes” page. From here click the “Add Shipping Class” button to open the “Add Shipping Class” window.  (see screenshot below)

STEP #2- Next, in the add shipping class window, in the “Name” field,  enter a name that will help you to remember the type of shipping class you are creating, such as Flat Rate. Next click “Save to start adding your shipping zones in the "New Zone Wizard".  

STEP #3- In the “New Zone Wizard” enter a name in the “Zone Name” field that will help you to remember the shipping rate you are setting up. Ex. U.S. $5. Click “Next” to continue.   

STEP #4- Under the “Areas” tab use the drop down arrow next to “Select Country” to select the country you would like the shipping option to apply to. You can select "All Countries" or select one specific country.   (see screenshot below)

Under “Select State” you can select “All States” if you would like for the option to apply to all states in the selected country. 

If you would like to omit certain states from this shipping class you can select the states individually under “Select States” or under “Selected Zone Areas” click the “X” to remove the state or states that you would like to omit from the zone area. Click “Next” to proceed. 

STEP #5-  Under “Shipping Cost Type” select “Flat Rate”. Under “Shipping Costs” enter the cost. Click “Save Zone” to save this option under this Shipping Class, and you're all set! 

STEP #6- You can now create multiple options under the same shipping class by clicking the “Clone zone” icon to the right of the screen under “Actions”. Once you have cloned the zone you can click “Edit Zone” under “Actions” to make any changes you would like to make.  (see screenshot below)

Note: you may want to create a different rate for different countries. Just follow the same steps and setup flat rate shipping for other countries. 

**Now take a look at the next guide for steps on how to add products.

Quick Start: Adding products

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