You're almost ready to begin selling products in your store! 

Since this guide is all about getting products added to your store as soon as possible we will provide only the general/basic steps in this guide.

STEP #1- To begin adding products to your new store select the stores tab in the main menu bar on the left of the page or scroll dow to the bottom of the page on the account dashboard and select the 'Stores" tile. 

Once you've reached the "My Stores" page select the store that you'd like to add products to and on the store dashboard click the "Products" tile at the bottom of the page. (see screenshot below)

Note- This step is optioal and you do have the ability to add the logo later if you choose.

STEP #2- You should now be on the Products dashoard. On the Products dashboard click the "Add Product" button to open the "Edit Product" window. (see screenshot below)

 The first section you will reach is the "Product Details" section. In the "Product Name" field enter a name for the product that will allow you to easily identify it on the product dashboard.

 In the "Product Title" field enter the title for the product. The Product Title is what visitors on your site will see as the name of the product. 

STEP #3-  In the "Product URL" field enter the URL for your product.
Note- The product URL is the address that appears in the address bar when you navigate to the webpage of your product online. 

STEP #4- The next fields are the "Regular Price" and the "Current Price" fields. Enter the regular price and the current price of the product you are adding.
Note- The Regular price field is required, the Current price field is optional. 

STEP #5- In the "Short Product Description" field enter a brief desctiption for the product. This is the description that will appear on your store product page and will also appear once added to the cart. 

In the Product Description field enter more detailed information for the product such as the dimensions of the product, the use of the product, or any other informatio you feel would be useful to your customer.  (see screenshot below)

STEP #6- You can now begin adding images for your product. In the "Product Images" field drag and drop images of your product in the box provided, or click the "Select files" button to add images. Once you have successfuly added your images they will appear under the product images field. 

STEP #7-  To add color options for your product click the "Add Option" button and select "Color". Click in the "Values" field to populate the "Pick Color" menu. Click the bubbles in the menu to select the colors you would like to add. (see screenshot below)

STEP #8-  Now go to the top right of the page and find the "Status" tab. Change the status of the product to "Public" so that it wil be visible to visitors of your store. Click the purple "Save" button under "Last Updated" to complete the addition of your first product. (see screenshot below)

Congrats!! You're now ready to launch your brand new eCom store. 

**If you have questions about other aspects of our platform please take a look at the guides for instructions on using additional sections in our help desk. There are tons of valuable information available!

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our Support team by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of the page, we're always happy to help :)