We are super excited to announce yet another release of the Instant eCom Store and we believe it's going to massively improve your and your store visitor experience with IES.


[1] COMPLETE REGISTRATION - new FB pixel event is triggered once a visitor completes the first step in the checkout and clicks the button ‘Continue to shipping method’ button on a desktop or ‘Continue’ button on mobile. 

[2] ADD PAYMENT INFO - new FB pixel event - ‘AddPaymentInfo’ - is triggered once a visitor clicks the PayPal Express Checkout button or, in the case of the CC, payment button. 

[3] ADVANCED MATCHING FEATURE - we have implemented the advanced matching feature for ‘CompleteRegistration’ and ‘Purchase’ FB standard events, so you have more accurate information available for your custom audiences on FB.

[4] CONVERT SIZES feature will allow you to turn inches to centimeters in your size profiles with just one click.

[5] OPEN GRAPH IMAGE will now display a preview of your selected frame, so you can compare multiple frames and pick the one that you believe will bring the most traffic to your product page.

[6] ORDER INSIGHTS feature will now provide lots of information about the actions that your customer took as well as IES did for you when processing a particular order. For example, now you will know whether the order came from mobile or desktop, to which autoresponder info was sent to and much more.

[7] ORDER STATUS processing is now improved, so it’s easier for you to change the status and send a notification to the customer.

[8] PRODUCT FULFILMENT section is now available from within the order screen, so information that you provided via product source box is displayed here to make your order fulfillment much easier and faster.

[9] XOMATOR API was developed with this release, so we can finalize the actual add-on development and integrate it fully with IES.


[1] PAYPAL EXPRESS CHECKOUT improvement to make sure your customer details are already pre-filled for the guest checkout, as well as the default landing screen, is PayPal login, so those who have an account shouldn’t search for login option.

[2] STRIPE integration is now improved so that you can get customer details in your Stripe dashboard.

[3] LINKED PRODUCTS option now works with private products so that you can make more profits from your store visitors.

[4] REFRESH PRICING feature in the product option section, so you don’t need to update price for each product variation manually.

[5] SPEED OF THE ORDER SCREEN is massively improved, so fulfillment of your orders is much faster and easier. It also contains search speed.

[6] ORDER EXPORT file will now display all the product variants, so you can speed up the fulfillment process when working outside of the IES.

[7] Under ‘SIZE PROPERTIES’ you can now configure more sizes to expand product option range.

[8] WYSIWYG editor now allows adding a link to an image.

[9] LINK TO MOBILE SITE is now showing up at the bottom of the responsive website so that visitors can get back to a dedicated mobile store.

[10] SAVE DRAFT button was removed from the product screen, so now you can just select status ‘Draft’ and click single ‘Save’ button available there.

[11] VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS - margins and styles inside of your IES dashboard.

[12] GLOBAL timer is now fixed, including the REPEAT function that wasn’t working properly.

[13] TENS OF OTHER IMPROVEMENTS and bug fixes to make your and your store visitor experience with IES much better.

NOTE: In total the release 2.6 contained 213 development stories.

If you have some questions about the content of this document or Instant eCom Store, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you.