In the IES you can create unlimited shipping zones within the same shipping class. With the 'Clone Zone' button this process becomes much more easier.

The purpose of this cloning feature is to save you time when building shipping zones for different countries.

Just follow the steps below.

STEP #1 - On a particular shipping class dashboard, find the 'Shipping zone' that you would like to clone. 

STEP #2 - Next, click on the 'Clone zone' button - you will find it under 'Actions' column (see the screenshot below).

It will automatically create exactly the same zone that you cloned, only the zone name will start with word 'Cloned' (see the screenshot below).

STEP #3 - Next, click the 'Edit Zone' button to open the 'Edit Zone Wizard' (see the screenshot below). 

This will open the same wizard you already are familiar with from the 'Flat Fee Shipping' article here so you can edit and change anything you need.

Once you are happy with the changes, just click 'Save' button and your zone will be available for use for all products on any of your IES stores.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our Support team by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of this page. We’re always around to help :)