Another major update is here for the Instant eCom Store platform!

In this version, we added a whole new section for cart management, improved the product pages and the mobile view of your stores, added a lot of new integrations and overall improvements that will help you make more money with IES.


[1] CART MANAGEMENT - this new section provides intelligence about the checkout process on your store. Now you will be able to see who wanted to place an order, but failed, so you can help them to make the purchase.

[2] PRODUCT STYLES OPTION - we introduced a new product option called - 'STYLES'. In case you have unique styles of the same product that are not just color variations, now you can create product options linked to the image of a particular style.

[3] BADGE SECTION - we improved the badges that appear at the bottom of the checkout pages. This section is now fully customizable so you can decide which badges to enable or disable.

[4] IMAGE ZOOM - your customers now have the ability to zoom in on the product images so they can inspect a product more closely. This will help them to make a more informed purchase decision and help you increase your stores conversion.

[5] BRAINTREE INTEGRATION - we are very excited and happy to finally bring integration with our main merchant partner - Braintree, so you can have the best checkout experience, regardless of what your customers are choosing as a payment method - PayPal or credit/debit card.

[6] NEW AUTORESPONDER INTEGRATIONS - now you can also integrate your IES account with ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and SendGrid. 

[7] McAfee SECURE INTEGRATION - we have been approved as official partners for McAfee. So now you will have the ability to enable McAfee badges in multiple places on your store to increase conversions.


[1] IMPROVED COUNTRY LIST - we have updated the country list, so it’s more complete and you have more market opportunities. This improves the checkout experience for visitors from different countries.

- now it has a new look!  Your account integrations will now be easier to manage because of the added categorized tiles.

[3] BETTER PRODUCT OPTIONS DISPLAY - we replaced a dropdown menu for the STANDARD product option with a tap or a click solution so that your customers overall shopping experience is much easier.

[4] MOBILE PRODUCT PAGE - we have significantly improved a product page for a dedicated mobile store, so it’s easier for your visitors to select product options and make a purchase decision.

[5] COLOR HISTORY - now you have a color code history section, so you can just select a previously used custom color when adding products without re-entering the hex code.

[6] CUSTOM DOMAINS SETUP - we made mapping a custom domain for IES store 100% compatible with GoDaddy.

and bug fixes to make your and your store visitor experience with IES much better.

NOTE: In total, the release 2.8 contained 165 development stories.

If you have some questions about the content of this document or Instant eCom Store, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you.