In this release, we are super excited to announce the first part of the Marketing Hub - The Abandonment Lab.

With this powerful system, you will be able to generate more sales by giving your prospects that extra motivation to finally place orders that they were initially hesitant to do. 


[1] ABANDONMENT LAB - The purpose of the Abandonment Lab is to increase the revenue of your store by turning abandoned carts to new orders. This feature will skyrocket conversions of your store.

[2] QUICK START EMAIL CAMPAIGN - you can launch a pre-configured abandonment lab campaign without any effort and it will bring your visitors back to your store and increase your profits.

[3] DRAG & DROP EDITOR - play around with different variants of email templates and create some of your own. All the parts of the templates come in different colors, shapes, and styles. Want a vintage looking promo code or a modern one? A colorful timer or a rigid classic? You have a lot to choose from to create a unique look and feel of your abandonment lab campaigns.

[4] PERSONALIZED EMAILS - using the information you already know about your prospect you can make your campaigns more personal.

[5] CAMPAIGN PERFORMANCE STATISTICS - get a full set of reports about the performance of your abandonment lab campaigns, so you know exactly which of them bring the most sales to your store.


[1] DISPLAY STORE NAME AND LOGO IN PAYPAL  - now your stores' name and logo are displayed on Paypal and Paypal Express checkout pages instead of the name defined in your PayPal account.

[2] TENS OF OTHER IMPROVEMENTS and bug fixes to make your and your store visitor experience with IES much better.

NOTE: We will be providing a tutorial on how to use Abandonment Lab shortly, so stay tuned!

In total, the release 2.12 + 2.14 contained 88 development stories.

If you have some questions about the content of this document or Instant eCom Store, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you.