There is a lot to learn when it comes to mobile eCommerce, but if there is one thing you need to know right now, it's this: mobile responsiveness means nothing when it comes to making sales.

Here at Instant eCom Store, we recognized this early and although each and every store you launch is mobile responsive, we have taken mobile eCommerce experience to a whole new level.

We call it - Synchronized Mobile eCom (SME).

With the SME you can launch a mobile eCommerce store on TOP of your main, responsive design, store with just 1-CLICK and provide your store visitors two different experiences, depending on the device they are using (e.g. mobile or desktop).

This will allow you to get higher conversions from visitors that are coming from mobile devices. 

SME is based on the Baymard Institute M-Commerce study, which is the biggest mobile eCom study to date. We will continue to improve the SME extensively, so you can always get the highest conversions from the mobile traffic.

How To Launch Your Mobile eCom Store

The coolest part of the SME is that it takes just 1-click to launch it and there is almost no configurations required from your side. Here are the steps:

STEP #1 - Navigate to your main store dashboard and locate the Mobile Store tile

STEP #2 - Click on the 'MOBILE STORE' tile, and it will bring up a pop-up like this

STEP #3 - Click on the 'Yes, Launch My Mobile Store!' button to launch your mobile store

Once you complete the step 3, it will bring up your mobile store dashboard that looks like this:

Now, before anything else, let me explain something important here:

For every single page that you have on your main store - whether it's a contact us page, product page or homepage, SME automatically, without you doing anything, creates a dedicated mobile page.

For example:
If your main store homepage is located on

Your SME store homepage will be located on

Even more... each page is optimized for mobile SEO as well, so you won't ever experience a duplicate content issue or anything of that nature. 

The best part here is that there is nothing much for you configure. 

Under 'General' tab, you can check whether you want IES to automatically detect visitors from mobile devices and route them to your SME store (you pretty much always want this to be checked).

Under 'Integrations' tab it will EMULATE your main store integrations, however, if for whatever reason you want a different configuration for your mobile store, you can make respective changes there. 

What's the future of SME?

Since you are here on this page, I just want to let you know that we will be doing a lot when it comes to SME. There will be more features and 'mobile specific' add-ons provided for you.

Mobile eCom is the future, and we will provide you the most effective technology to win big from that. 

That's it when it comes to SME on IES.

If you have some questions, you want to provide feedback or advice, we are always around for you. Just hit the messenger button on the right bottom, and we will get back ASAP.