• OPEN - customer puts some products into the cart, but doesn't yet reach the checkout.

  • CONVERTED - customer successfully creates order through checkout.

  • ABANDONED - customer started the checkout process, they entered their address and email details, but then didn't pay for the order. This status is applied 8h after initial checkout initiation.
    • At the moment customer provides their email address and clicks the button on that step, the system adds their email address to the abandonment list that's defined under the main store settings.


  • NEW - customer successfully completes the checkout and makes a payment. Order Receipt notification is sent out automatically.

  • PROCESSING - manual (or could be semi-automatic through xOmator) order status change in order to inform the customer that someone is working with their order. Notification is sent out to the customer and it can be triggered manually by the store owner or manager.

  • SHIPPED - order status changes and that informs the customer that the particular order has been shipped. Notification is sent out to the customer and it can be triggered either manually or, if fulfillment is done automatically, it can go out automatically.

  • INCOMPLETE - customer starts the checkout process, they enter their address and email details, which triggers order creation. Orders in this status could be in the checkout process or they can't be completed due to some unexpected errors, such as payment errors.

  • DONE - this order status change is only manual. It happens after the order has been completed and delivered.

  • RETURNED - either manual order status change or an automatic change after a refund in one of the payment systems.

  • EXPIRED - this is internal status change to turn abandoned orders to expired after a certain period. After it's turned to expired no further actions with the order can be taken.

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