We are very excited to release two special upgrades for the Marketing Hub, so you can significantly increase the average order value on your stores as well as convert more of your store visitors to paying customers.

Here are the...


[1] DOUBLEIT - it's the first 1-Click post-purchase upsell type in the Upsell Lab, and essentially it will allow you to offer the customer to DOUBLE the order that they just placed on your store with a significant discount. 

Let us give you an example:

Say your customer purchased a T-shirt and a Hoodie for a total order value $39.95 (including shipping, discounts, etc.). 

So now with the DoubleIT, you can now show them the 1-CLICK post-purchase upsell that offers to double the order - so buy another t-shirt & hoodie, but with a significant discount. 

This way not only your customers get twice as many products for the low average price, but also you make more money from the same customer. 

Please note that DoubleIT is just the first Upsell type and there are much more in development. 

[2] SIGNIFY - this is the first conversion boosting system in the Conversion Lab. So with this particular Signify, you can display a special offer with a promo code on the cart icon as soon as they enter the store. This way you can funnel your visitors to the most lucrative offer on your store as well as get more buyers. 

[3] TIMER IN THE CART - whenever a customer adds products to the cart IES will automatically display an 8-hour countdown timer, which will increase the urgency to finish the checkout. 


[1] PRODUCT PICTURES DISPLAY - we improved the pictures resizing mechanism and significantly reduced the loading time of your stores.

[2] TENS OF OTHER IMPROVEMENTS and bug fixes to make your and your store visitor experience with IES much better.

NOTE: In total, the release 2.15 contained 86 development stories.

If you have some questions about the content of this document or Instant eCom Store, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you.