We are excited to announce yet another release of the Instant eCom Store. We are working every single day to improve the platform and make it more effective for you, our customer.

Therefore, today I recorded a quick video to highlight some of the features in this release. Watch it now:


[1] Custom background image - now you can upload custom background image to improve the look & feel of your desktop store. 

[2] Contact us page - add text on the contact us page, so you can represent your store as a trustable business. 

[3] Product management - now you can display all your store products on a single page, so it's easier to manage them. You can also hide unnecessary columns and the action buttons are more packed. 


[1] Related products title - now you can customize color and font size for that. 

[2] Clickable product title in the cart - it will allow your customers to go back to the product page and buy more products from you.

[3] Badges for buttons - we have separated badges from buttons, so you can use your own buttons without worrying about badges and also to prepare for larger customization of the product page.

[4] Selection display - when your customer is clicking on the different product options on the page, now he will be able to see his selection before adding product to the cart. This will reduce the abandoned cart rate and improve your conversions. 

In total this release contained 98 development stories. 

If you have some questions about this release or you have some questions about the IES, please do not hesitate to click the messenger button on the bottom left and start a conversation with us. We are here to help!