Highlights of the IES release 2.17, new features and improvements to give more to our users. 

We are excited to announce yet another - our second - release this week. Every single day we work hard to make the platform more powerful, so you can focus on the most important thing - selling & making money.


Featured PRODUCTS section - this feature allows you to enable featured product section at the top of your desktop and mobile store so that you can sell more of your best selling products.

Product page configuration - now you can move around different elements of a product page so that it can be configured according to your personal preference. We created different configuration setup for desktop and mobile because stores look different on respective devices.

Navigation MENU controls - now you can enable/disable pages in the navigation menu. This is just the first step in this area -  we will be improving this part quite a bit over the course of next two months.

New Launch Wizard - we have reduced the steps required to launch a brand new store. Now it's just three simple steps.


Product selection for SIGNIFY - now you can just search for a relevant product, and it will automatically add a link to it in your Signify notification.

Promo codes for SIGNIFY - now the promo code that you will assign to the Signify notification will be automatically applied to the cart, so your store visitors don't need to copy & paste it.

Custom domain mapping with www - now you can point your custom domain without www and with www directly to the IES, and it will automatically work for both.

In total this release contained 30 development stories.

If you have some questions about this release or you have some questions about the IES, please do not hesitate to click the messenger button on the bottom left and start a conversation with us. We are here to help!