As our development team continues to work on the mockup designer and multiple integrations with 'print on demand' services (such as Printful, CustomCat, and ScalablePress), we have also done a bunch of VITAL improvements and new features for the platform.

Some of the things you will learn about below will help you to generate more revenue from your stores right away, so take a moment to study them.


[1] FREE SHIP PROMO CODE -  this promo code will allow you to offer your store visitors a FREE SHIPPING option without defining the exact shipping costs upfront. Meaning, regardless of the total costs of the shipping, if your store visitors will enter the free ship promo code, the shipping costs will be zero. This is a very powerful feature to make more money with your stores. 

[2] NEW PROMO CODE CONDITION - now you can create a promo code that's specific to one particular product. So if this product is in the cart, a coupon code will become active. This is a great way how to organize special promotions for a particular product.

[3] SEO FOR MAIN STORE PAGES - now you can define meta tags for all of your store pages. Just go to Main Store Settings >> Store Pages and you will find the SEO configurator.

[4] ROBOTS TXT - under Main Store Settings >> Custom scripts, you will find a box where you can add robots.txt parameters if you don’t want your store to be indexed in Google or you simply want to provide some store wide settings.


[1] TILE VIEW FOR PRODUCTS - when you go to your store product dashboard you will find a cute little yellow button that will enable the tile view. Once enabled, it will display the primary product image along with all the details, so it's much easier for you to manage products.

[2] CUSTOM URLs IN NAVIGATION - now you can add a custom URL to any website in your store navigation. Just go to Appearance >> Menu, and you will find an option to add new items to it.

[3] ORGANIZE MENU ITEMS - now you can move menu items around and organize the navigation the way you want. Just click on the menu and move it up and down.

[4] SIZE PROFILES - we have thoroughly reorganized the size profiles. Now you can add a size image, define the country where the product was made and much more. Just to Properties tab and check it out.

[5] TENS OF OTHER IMPROVEMENTS and bug fixes to make your and your store visitor experience with IES much better.

In total release 2.19. contains 31 development story.

If you have questions about the release or the IES, please do not hesitate to click the messenger button at the bottom right corner and start a conversation with us. We are here to help!