With this document, we want to highlight some of the new features that we have developed since the release 2.19. 


[1] Integration with Scalable Press - now you can add products to your IES store directly from the SP. You can also fulfill orders in a semi-automatic way. You can integrate with ScalablePress via the Integration screen, upload designs via ScalablePress dashboard and assign those designs to any product as you add it to the store.

[2] Signify in the cart - it allows you to display relevant marketing message in the cart, so you can get people to buy more from you. It shows just under the 'Your Cart' title.

[3] Integration with Printful - now you can add products to your IES store directly from Printful. You can also fulfill your orders in a semi-automatic way. Integration with Printful is similar to ScalablePress - so you do this via Integration screen and once done you can upload designs to Printful and then start to add products to the IES.


[1] Major software upgrade - even though you might not see it straight away all the processes are running about 5x faster than they used to as we continue to improve our architecture to achieve the excellence in performance.

[2] Emojis in the WYSIWYG editor - since emojis become more and more popular, we have added this option to WYSIWYG editor, so now you can use then on product pages to make your pages more attractive to your target audience.

[3] Redesigned size guide pop-up - we have significantly improved the size guide pop-up, so you have more customization options, and you can add all the required details for a particular product. The high-quality size guide is going to improve conversions, especially for all the apparel products.

[4] And 49 other improvements, bug fixes and tweaks to make the platform more powerful and your store visitor experience much better.

If you have any question about the release or the IES, please do not hesitate to click the messenger button at the bottom right corner and start a conversation with us. We are here to help! :)