With this document, we want to highlight some of the key features and improvements that we have done with the release 2.24 and 2.25.


[1] MULTI-CURRENCY STORE - now IES is a fully functional multi-currency store. Not only the system will try to automatically detect your visitor's origin country and display a relevant currency across the store, but they can also choose ANY CURRENCY they want to see the pricing in. 

We have integrated with the most powerful currency conversion API, so pricing gets displayed according to the latest exchange rate. Please note that this is the first phase of the multi-currency store - the full checkout will still be happening in the USD. The 2nd phase of the currency implementation will be coming later.

[2] DYNAMIC FREE SHIPPING SIGNIFY - now you can enable a Signify notification that will encourage people to add more products to the cart to claim FREE shipping. You can fully define the rules for this Signify, and the message is going to be displayed in the cart, so users can dynamically see how much more they need to get the FREE shipping. 

This is a very powerful feature that will help you to significantly increase the average order value from your store.

[3] PROMO IN THE CHECKOUT - this is a new promo code type, which is going to be displayed once your store visitors initiate the checkout. The purpose of this promo code is to incentivize those who start the checkout process to finish it and make the purchase from your store. 

This promo code is displayed along with a special timer that will add an extra scarcity, so people really complete the purchase once they start it.

[4] EXTRA DESCRIPTION FOR PRODUCTS - we have added the extra description box for products. This box is designed to be displayed at the bottom, so you can provide some extra information that's important, but should not be displayed prior the buy button. 

[5] OPTION TO REORDER IMAGES - as you know you can upload up to 50 images per product, but only first 8 are going to be displayed on the front store unless a specific product option that's linked with some other image is clicked. So now with this new feature, you can reorder the images so that you can have your best images displayed on the front page of the store. 

[6] TEXT ON IMAGES - now you can add callouts, sales tags and other style icons on the images, so you can get more customers to buy from your product pages. 


[1] DEDICATED PRODUCT IMAGE WIDGET - it will help you to organize your product images on the 'edit product' page.

[2] IMPROVED PRODUCT IMPORT - now you can pre-select colors that you want to use for products from ScalablePress and Printful. This selection happens before product gets imported to your store.

[3] DOUBLE IT UPSELL CUSTOMIZATION - now you have more options to customize the Double It upsell page, so you can get higher conversions and increase the average order value.

[4] AND 67 OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, bug fixes and tweaks to make the IES platform better.

If you have questions about this release or IES in general, please do not hesitate to click the messenger icon in the bottom right corner and we will get back to you ASAP. We are here to help! :)