We have released some incredible new features that will help you to generate more revenue for your stores.


[1] TIMER IN THE CART SETTINGS - now you have complete control over the countdown timer that in the cart. You can decide about the countdown timeframe and whether to display it or not. 

This gives you the freedom to determine how quickly you want a cart for a particular visitor to expire, so the Abandonment Lab follow up campaign can kick in and start to bring back those who have abandoned the cart. You will find this feature under the CART TILE on your store dashboard.

[2] SIGNIFY TOP BAR - now you can display a Dynamic Free Shipping signify across the entire store. It will allow you to get more people to add products to the cart. 

[3] DIRECTLY TO CHECKOUT - this feature is priceless if you are running a FREE + SHIPPING business model. 

With just one click you can enable this feature which will make sure that when visitors click on the buy button on your product page, they go directly to the first step in the checkout. 

Also, we provide a special pop-up feature that will allow you to collect the vital customer information without a need for them to navigate away from the product page. 

You can enable this feature on the 'Edit Product' page, on the Manage Product widget (it's where the SAVE & PREVIEW buttons are).

[4] CUSTOM BUY BUTTON CREATOR - now you can design a custom dynamic buy buttons right from the 'Edit Product' page. This will ensure that you can use the style that you really like without the losing the dynamic button feature that's built into every IES button. 


[1] EXTRA FIELD FOR DOUBLE IT UPSELL - this will allow you to give more information to your customers and improve the conversions on the Double IT offers.

[2] AND 35 OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, bug fixes and tweaks to make the IES platform more powerful.

If you have questions about this release or the IES in general, please just click the messenger button in the right bottom corner, send your message, and we will get back to you ASAP. We are here to help! :)