It's exciting to announce the release of 2.29 version of the IES, because it includes some really incredible features and fixes. 


[1] 1-CLICK UPSELL - we are finally happy to release the 1-click upsell system in IES Marketing Hub. Now you can create a customized sales funnel to any product on your store and massively increase the average order value.

[2] DYNAMIC TOP BAR SIGNIFY - it's another feature in the Marketing HUB. With this feature you can set the value at which you can offer a free shipping for the order. This TOP bar can be displayed across the entire store or on a particular product page. 

Here is the part of this - it's dynamic. Meaning, if there is nothing in the cart of a particular visitor, it will display the full offer like this:

(of course you can define the amount - it doesn't need to be $50)

But if visitor add something to the cart, it will display the difference - meaning, how much more is required to qualify for free shipping - see here:

(as you can see in the image above, it shows how much more visitor needs to add to the cart to get free shipping).

[3] FONT STYLES IN WYSIWYG - now you can choose from variety of font styles as you craft your product page offer. 

[4] AUTO-TAGGING - if your integrated autoresponder supports tags, IES is going to add product SKU as a tag, so you can build automations around specific tags. This will help you to make more sales from existing customers and prospects.


[1] CUSTOM DOMAIN VALIDATION - now our system will automatically check to verify whether your custom domain configuration is correct and everything works.

[2] MORE CUSTOMIZATION FOR DOUBLE IT - we have added more options to customize Double It upsell offers, so can increase the conversions and make more money.

[3] AND 74 OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, bug fixes and tweaks to make the IES platform more powerful.

If you have questions about this release or the IES in general, please just click the messenger button in the right bottom corner, send your message, and we will get back to you ASAP. We are here to help!